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Sissi Shweshwe


Home-made Jams

Karma Home Products


Karma Home Products was established in 2004 by Vera Ann Sluis-Cremer in the small town of Kestell, in South Africa's Free State Province. Starting as a small home industry focused on Vera Ann's passion for jam making, it has expanded into her other interest, sewing, and a project to provide an income for women, in a rural area where unemployment is rife.

Sissi Shweshwe

Traditional African Clothing

Sissi Shweshwe is a fair trade initiative, established to create employment for women in the town of Kestell, in South Africa's Free State province. Our aim is to connect people with the beauty of African culture through our diverse selection of clothing, textiles and traditionally-inspired accessories. We are proud to support local artisans and the African textile industry by using only the highest-quality Shweshwe fabrics in our designs. Shop our collections today and experience the timeless elegance and uniqueness that is African fashion.

Genuine Shweshwe

Sissi Shweshwe products are made using only 100% cotton, genuine Three Cats Shweshwe cloth. This is produced in the traditional way by Da Gama Textiles, giving our clothing  a consistent quality. Da Gama is the only producer of Shweshwe worldwide, with a deep historical and cultural connection - if does not have the Three Cats trademark, it is not Shweshwe. Beware of cheap imitations!

Genuine shweshwe - 3 Cats logo
Shweshwe duvet coverr


Duvet covers and pillow cases


Paneled skirts


Children's dresses

Karma Jams

Award-winning Jams & Preserves


Vera Ann Sluis-Cremer has been making jam since childhood. The earlier part of her career was spent in the corporate world in Johannesburg. In 2004, she escaped to the country, to the small town of Kestell in South Africa's Free State province. There, she set up a backpackers lodge, catering to young travelers from around the world, who come to the area to hike in the nearby Drakensberg Mountains. Moving to the countryside, with its locally available supply of fruit, also allowed Vera Ann to indulge her lifelong passion for jam-making, and Karma Home Products was born.

Since then, Vera Ann's creative, gourmet jams and preserves have been the subject of many magazine articles and have won several culinary awards, including the Eat In DSTV Food Network Produce Awards. Most recently, she's been included in the prestigious Great South African Cookbook.


Vera Ann’s range of jams includes unique concoctions like pear, pinotage, and rosemary; peach and granadilla; apricot and chilli; and rosemary and quince. These flavourful creations, made without preservatives or artificial additives, quickly gained recognition as one of South Africa’s first serious jam ranges. Vera Ann’s commitment to local produce and her community shines through in every jar of Karma Jam.

Vera Ann draws inspiration from her surroundings. Her own orchard, with fruits like pomegranates and quinces, plays a role in determining her jam inventions. Local residents in Kestell contribute their fruits, and Vera Ann reciprocates by turning them into delectable jams. Some ideas come from friends’ suggestions, while others arise from conversations with international visitors at her backpackers’ lodge. Serendipity also plays a part - a chance mix-up of grapefruits and oranges in her fruit bowl resulted in a delightful grapefruit orange marmalade.

Vera Ann's dream? To grow Karma Jam and provide employment opportunities for local women, all while celebrating the vibrant colors and cleverness of jam-making.

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Featured in The Great South African Cookbook

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Eat-in Awards

Karma Jams magazine articles

Featured in many magazine articles

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Winner of many awards

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