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Zee Ndaba - Drakensberg hiking guide

Hiking the Drakensberg & Lesotho with Zee - Africa Untouched

South African Tourist Board Guide Reg: KZN1554

Zee Ndaba - Drakensberg hiking guide
Best Drakensberg tour guide award

Awarded "Best Tour Guide" in 2023.

"She is a true adventurer, a warrior woman, and a joy to talk and walk with."
- Julia Bradbury, BBC Television Presenter

Zee is short for Zimele, which means ‘independent’ in Zulu, and I am the only woman Zulu walking guide in South Africa. I am a qualified mountaineer with a National Tourism and Guide Diploma in Mountaineering and Adventure from THETA (Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority).


I want to make your traveling experience through the Drakensberg and Lesotho easy, convenient and safe. I offer you peace of mind and take the stress out of arranging your own travel plans and driving through this vast country. I offer easy transportation to get you to places you want to go, at your own pace. The fact that you are taken around by a South African who knows both her own country - as well as neighbouring Lesotho - intimately makes the experience much more personal and authentic. The itinerary is going to be very flexible: we get you to the area and you have free time to do what you want to do.

I aim to uplift the communities we visit, so we try to go to remote places. I am a South African woman who wants to make a change in my life and empower individuals as well as communities, to help channel South Africa towards a more prosperous future by providing employment and making sure that funds go directly to communities that live way below the poverty line. I am from a very remote, very beautiful part of South Africa. I understand my people and the reception from them towards my clients will be that of friendship.

I have been working as a guide for 10 years and am well-experienced in dealing with international clientele. I have worked in the UK in the travel industry, and so I understand the quality of service that my clients are used to. Most importantly I want to share South Africa and show it to my clients the way I see it as a South African, not as a tourist - its warmth, love and community spirit, which is greatly over looked by many people who visit this country.

Whether you are an adventurous backpacker who wants to take on the towering Cathedral Peak, or a gentle ambler who enjoys taking in the scenery at a slower pace, I'll walk and talk you through the landscape and its fascinating history. This World Heritage Site holds stories of land wars between the Zulu, San Bushmen, Boers and the English. Visit Zulu and Basotho villages high up in the mountains and learn about their way of life today, and how it has changed over the centuries. There is 4,000 year old Rock Art dotted over cave walls hidden amongst the valleys, and the magnificent Tugela Falls will take your breath away.


Having lived and worked in the UK for 4 years I speak fluent English, so not only can I regale you with tales of my Zulu roots, I can entertain you with stories of life in Birmingham, Leicester, Hampton Court and beyond!

The Drakensberg is for nature lovers…

There are trails to suit all ages and fitness levels. With the trips I do, I try to add magic to your holiday and make your stay a memorable one.


I also offer:
♥  Transfers for the Grand Traverse of the Drakensberg, to move cars from one point to another
♥  Hiking gear for hire
♥  Porters for hire
♥  Pick ups

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To arrange a Drakensberg hike:

Contact Karma Backpackers or get in touch with me directly.

♥  Call or Whatsapp +27 78 190 8191
♥  Email me at

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